About Us

Frazy Bottles are a novel addition to the Frazy brand, revolutionizing the way coffee lovers enjoy their favorite beverages. These portable, specialty coffees are infused with a variety of flavors, giving customers the liberty to customize their order based on their preferred coffee type, caffeine level, milk choice, and sweetness level. Packaged in small, personalized bottles, these concentrated drinks can be savored straight or transformed into a full-bodied, 8 oz. drink simply by adding water and mixing. With a diverse array of flavors available, Frazy Bottles promises to cater to every coffee enthusiast's taste.

Originally we started with Frazy Cups - these were frozen cups, made by local vendors, flash frozen and then shipped to our customer's door. They were personalized and customized and came in all categories, from Boba and Teas to Coffees and Mocktails. Due to customer demand, we decided to launch the shelf-stable Frazy Bottles. 

At Frazy, we prioritize convenience, flavor, and customer satisfaction. Our response to the fast-paced lives of our customers is Frazy Bottles, a portable, longer-lasting format that encapsulates the unique Frazy experience without compromising on personalization and taste.

At Frazy, we're not just about beverages—it's about enriching your coffee moments and creating memorable experiences, wherever you are.